Create a Professional Website Without a Programmer

All businesses should have a website in today’s market. It is much more affordable then the yellow pages and great advertising. The cost is much lower than ever.

Suppose you have a leaky pipe in your home? What is the first thing that you do? Personally, I type “Connecticut plumber” into Google and find a plumber in the results. Obviously I will only find plumbers who have websites. This is why you need a site for your business. Google is the new yellow pages.

Now you may be thinking that it will be costly and that you must hire a programmer to create a site. Not so.

You can create your own professional website. As a professional web developer I have changed my business model from creating sites for clients, to helping them to create sites that they can maintain on their own.

Using WordPress, a free content management system, it has become easy for the average person to create a professional looking website for their business. Initially, I thought that WordPress would put me out of business. Why would anyone hire me when they could just create their own site with WordPress?

Well it still felt like the right thing to do so I began learning and teaching WordPress to my clients.

This saves them money and saves me time. I no longer have to update their sites and be on call 24×7 for small text changes. So its a win win situation.

My clients have saved thousands of dollars by using WordPress as a content management system and I have saved so much time, allowing me to do other work.

How is this done?

The basic steps to creating your own website using WordPress are listed below:

  1. Buy a domain name
  2. Buy website hosting
  3. Install WordPress
  4. Install a premium theme
  5. Tweak the premium theme, adding a header / logo etc.
  6. Publish content on the site.
  7. Tweak WordPress for SEO, adding good titles and keywords to pages.
  8. Let the search engines know that you exist by submitting your site to search engines.
  9. Keep adding valuable content to site.
  10. Leave the site up and let it do the work for you.

That’s it. Although it may seem like a lot, once you have created one site using WordPress you will be amazed and how quick and easy it was to do. Going forward your site will do better in the search engines and be much easier and affordable to maintain. Good luck!