Hire Dot Net Programmer to Design Your Website

In a very simple language, web dot net development play a very significant role in developing various kinds of web developing applications. These web applications are developed and guided by the most reliable and dynamic programming frameworks like ASP.Net, PHP, Joomla, Drupal and so on. These programming languages are created by the famous software giant, Microsoft Corporation.

With time, you will find a number of websites have attained flexible and smart looks with these Microsoft Dot Net development frameworks. Now, huge number of customers prefers this technology to style out their websites. To avail the best Microsoft.net development services, hire dot net programmer. Hire the right programmer who is reliable and at the same time delivers quality works.

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No wonder with time offshore application development services are considered as the best solutions for both medium enterprises and large industries. There are several companies that offer application and web development services. As there a huge number of options, sometimes it might be difficult for you to choose from. However, the most important thing that you must consider is that the company from where you hire dot net programmer should be a recognized one.

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By now, we know that how important ASP.Net is to create some of the best web applications and pages. There are other programming languages that can develop web pages but ASP.net is hundred times more reliable and effective. Whatever it is, nothing can beat this application development framework as it is the strongest and consistent defender. So, hire dot net programmer to make your website look great and stunning.

How to Get a Job As a Computer Programmer

If you have recently succeeded in landing a corporate job as a trainee computer programmer then I congratulate you. If not then you have the right attitude in reading this article. This is because strategy is king in this endless chess game of corporate manoeuvring which we must all learn how to play if we are to get ahead.

In any case I will write this from the perspective of you having already secured a corporate computer programming job as a trainee. So you’ve accepted your offer and now it’s time to turn up at your new place of work. What can you do to ensure that you get past probation?

In order to simplify and hopefully make for a clearer analysis of the approach you should take, I will divide your probation period into the beginning, the middle and the end.

Starting your probation period

Even if the dress code is casual I would advise dressing to at least a smart business casual standard on your first day. The exception here is if you have been told in no uncertain terms that nobody bothers. This does obtain in some places but in my experience most corporations do prefer at least a business casual dress code. Why is this so important for you on your first day? The underlying reason here is that you are sending a clear signal to your employers that you are taking nothing for granted.

Also at least in the initial phase it could pay you to take the trouble to go for lunch with your team mates if they do go for lunch together. You will learn a lot of unspoken rules by eavesdropping on their conversations over the lunch break.

Finally please be proactive about ensuring that you are properly set up with regards to your computer. If there are any delays then get the phone numbers or email addresses (if you have already been set up with an email account) and do your own chasing. Find out what needs to be installed in order for you to fully engage with the team and then get it installed.

Remember the clock started ticking the minute you walked through that door. Your goal here is to be up and running as soon as possible in order to create the maximum possible impact before the end of your probation period.

The middle of your probation period

If you are a trainee computer programmer, then the middle of your probation will generally begin after a couple of weeks. There are extreme cases where you could get hired and then be left to twiddle your thumbs (despite your best efforts to avoid this) for up to a month before you are suitably set up, but these occasions are rare. However be aware that this could indeed happen, so if it does don’t be too disconcerted.

Now as you ease yourself deeper into your trial period please remember that the degree of stupidity of the questions tolerated by your employer will be inversely proportional to your time on the job. In other words, the longer you’ve been there the more careful you have to be about asking dumb questions. This may well be a pretty obvious statement but let’s think about it for a moment.

In my experience, asking dumb questions is a fast and easy way to learn a lot very quickly from those who already know. Some bright children know this hence they wear out their parents with question after question. The trick is to ask as many dumb questions as possible before your time runs out.

Many of us don’t do enough of this. I certainly didn’t in my first few jobs. But if you can remember to do this earlier on rather than later, then by the time your probation period is over you will be well ahead of the game.

Also try to remain fully focused on any tasks you have been given to do. There could be distractions but remember you are there to get the job done. All else is of secondary importance. This attitude is the hallmark of a true professional.

If you are left to your own devices you can try gently pestering your immediate superior for a clearly defined simple task which can demonstrate your capabilities. Remember that your superiors also have to deal with their own problems. Because of this they might not be able to give you enough attention to get you started. Watch out for this and assert yourself when necessary.

Finally don’t be a clock watcher. Sometimes you will need to put in some extra hours in order to acquire the additional skills required to get the job done. See this as an investment in your future.

The end of your probation period

As your probation period draws to a close you should take stock of where you are up to. Have you been able to successfully complete the tasks you have been given? Do you feel that you fit in well with the team? Are you happy working there? Do a good bit of soul-searching in order that you will know where you stand in your mind before the probation period draws to a close.

More important than you being happy with them is the question of whether or not they are happy with you. This is more important because how they feel about you will determine whether or not you will be kept on.

If you have a strong intuition that you might be let go (for example there may be a personality issue) then maybe you should try looking around for something else before you get pushed. However if you have taken on board all the tips I have shared with you it will be extremely unlikely that this will happen.

However there is still the possibility that your term might end prematurely due to unforeseen circumstances like budget problems or departmental issues which lie well beyond your control.

For whatever reason if you do anticipate a premature end to your first job it will be easier to secure something else before being pushed rather than afterwards. So stay tuned and try to read between the lines. If you deem it necessary, call a meeting with your manager with a view to sourcing out what is going to happen to you.

Why You Should Hire A PHP Programmer

There are several programming languages and application development platforms out there that would be able to give you answers to your needs. Why do programmers repeatedly choose PHP then? Of course, it is not without reason that programmers around the world these days prefer to use PHP over any other language be it Java, C#, or ASP. PHP offers them one of the most simple and robust platforms for the development of dynamic applications. Unlike most other languages and frameworks PHP allows programmers to write both client-side and server-side scripts giving them the necessary bandwidth to innovate with available resources. Microsoft’s latest platform, Dot Net also provides developers with the same kind of freedom, but there is a fundamental difference between Dot Net and PHP– PHP is an open source platform, while ASP Dot Net is not.

This is why PHP takes the cake every time. The open source platform means there are programmers from around the world working on the source code, regularly coming up with brilliant innovations and all of it is accessible through the platform. Microsoft’s ASP.NET is also an extremely stable platform, but then it does not give programmers the kind of freedom that they get from PHP. With PHP they can tweak and change the way applications perform according to their visions, and this aspect never ceases to excite developers. What’s more? Almost all of the present content management systems are built on PHP and a MySQL base. These content management systems like Drupal, Joomla, Magento, osCommerce, WordPress, etc have revolutionized the way the Internet is being used, and almost everybody these days is turning to these systems to develop their website. While these platforms are user friendly you have to hire a PHP programmer to take complete advantage of the promised potential of the system.

It is not at all surprising that a major portion of the IT outsourcing work that is channeled to India every year is in the field of PHP development. There is a burgeoning industry segment in India that works to provide global standards in PHP application development. Developers in India keep themselves up to date on the latest in PHP development and customization and constantly come up with innovative solutions on the PHP base that redefine the way applications are developed and give businesses the leading edge over their rivals. What makes the PHP services rendered by the Indian industry segment absolutely unputdownable is the cost effectiveness of the service. Indian companies are constantly competing among each other to provide cheap services for the world market to hire a PHP programmer. This environment provides an alluring option for businesses in the Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) segments to get started on their automation projects that they were unable to take up due to budget issues.

Indian companies provide a remarkably useful dedicated hiring service, which allows companies to hire a PHP programmer, WordPress developer India, oscommerce developers, sugarcrm developers, etc, on extremely flexible terms of hiring. From these platforms it is possible to hire a PHP programmer on full-time, part-time, or hourly basis. With the dedicated hiring platform most companies can now claim their share of the PHP advantage!

On Being a Video Game Programmer

What is it like to work as a video game programmer? It is considered by many game-playing children to be a dream job. Is it actually as good as it sounds? It certainly is an interesting life. However, as with anything else on this planet, there are both positive and negative sides to working as a video game programmer.

For the last 7 years I have worked as a video game programmer at three development studios: Activision/Treyarch, Visual Concepts and DiscoPixel. I have published titles for the Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo consoles. This article is a summary of some of the perks and pitfalls that I have experienced through my work at these companies.

Perk #1 – Make Games!

This one is pretty obvious, but the biggest perk of working at a video game studio is that you will be MAKING games. You will be helping build the next great game that potentially millions of people will play and enjoy. There’s an amazing satisfaction that stems from knowing that you helped make something big.

Perk #2 – Play Games!

In addition to testing and improving your current game every day, you’ll also be playing games made by other companies. There are few jobs out there where sitting down and playing a newly released console title is considered research. Companies definitely want you to stay on top of the technology and features of new games, and the only way to do this is by playing lots of games. At the companies I’ve worked at, I’ve never seen anyone get reprimanded for playing video games during the day.

Perk #3 – Independence

A great aspect of working as a video game programmer is the independence you are given. It is rare that you’ll have a manager breathing down your neck or double checking everything you do. To get hired into a development studio you need to already have excellent programming skills, so you are given a lot of freedom to make many decisions yourself. You may be assigned a general task to complete, but how that actually should be done, as well as how long it should take, are often up to you.

Provided that you can get your work done, the companies I have worked for generally seemed to be very willing to let me work on my terms. When I was tired or bored or lazy I could go play a game or relax somewhere without anyone complaining. Happy employees with improved morale make better games.

Perk #4 – Fun Office Environment

Everybody that works at a video game studio has one thing in common: they love games. If they didn’t love playing games they would never have been hired to make them. Because of this, the office setting often has fun or quirky things anywhere you look. Many people bring strange new objects to show off or play with during the day.

Most video game studios have lots of games and toys lying around to keep its employees entertained. A few things that I have come across at various studios: Arcades with free coin-op games, foosball tables, ping pong tables, razor scooters, board games, action figures, puzzles, daytime basketball games and giant stuffed animals.

Coming to the office still means you’re going to work, but there’s no reason why it can’t also be fun.

Perk #5 – Free Soda + Snacks

This perk is maybe not important to everyone, but it’s nice to know that you won’t go hungry working at a video game studio. I’ve never met a video game company that hasn’t offered free soda and snacks as part of the benefits of working there. I suppose being loaded up on caffeine and sugar helps boost productivity. During long days at the office, companies will typically provide free dinner as a thank-you for staying late. One company I worked for served fully catered meals from assorted restaurants every night for many weeks.

Pitfall #1 – Long Work Hours

Making video games is a lot of work. The amount of time needed to make the latest game seems to be growing exponentially. Development teams continue to get bigger and bigger every year, yet somehow the amount of work per person doesn’t seem to get any smaller. Games are very complicated. Also, the nature of games is that they must be fun, which is not always so easy to accurately pencil into a schedule. A lot of experimentation is needed, especially with new game concepts.

Before a milestone and especially a few months before a game is released, the work day will be very intense. The work has a way of very quickly piling up. New features and old bugs suck away all of your time. Working long nights or weekends is not uncommon. Fortunately, employees generally care about the games that they are making, and their passion helps energize them through these occasional long shifts.

The stress can get overwhelming, too. At one company I had a giant stack of bug reports waiting for me on my chair when I came into the office. I would work all day, scrambling to fix the bugs as quickly as possible, working on full blast all day and night. I’d go home for a couple hours of sleep, but when I’d return to work there would be a new, even larger stack of bug reports waiting for me.

Typically after a project has shipped there will be a period of downtime where the employees can get a chance to relax and recover. The work load will suddenly significantly reduce. One company gave bonus vacation time after a project shipped, and another put employees “on call” for about a month, in which they only had to come to the office if there was some kind of problem. It’s nice to know that your long work hours do not go unnoticed.

Pitfall #2 -Choosing What to Work On

Working on your own video games in your free time is a lot of fun. You get to choose exactly what game and tasks you want to work on, focusing only on the fun stuff. Anything boring can be safely ignored since the only audience is you. Unfortunately, this is not the case for large video game studios. There are many tasks to be completed, some of which are not too glamorous. Fixing console manufacturer standards violations or building data tools is not very exciting, but it still needs to be done by someone in order to ship the final product.

These tasks typically are given to people who are just starting out in the video game industry, perhaps as a rite of passage, but probably just because nobody else wants to do them.
In addition to the possibility of working on less glamorous tasks, you could be assigned a project that you are not fully interested in. Typically the company will let you work projects that interest you, but this is not always possible. A particular project could be falling behind schedule and it needs a few more employees to fix some bugs or add some new features. Or, the project you are interested in already has enough workers.

I think that the passion of the employees working at a video game studio is crucial to the success of that game. If you are not excited about what you’re working on, it will show up in the game you’re creating. To avoid any misunderstandings or letdowns, before deciding to work at a particular company, it’s important to find out what game you will be working on in addition to what tasks you will be assigned.

Pitfall #3 -Pay Not as Good (Maybe?)

I’ve heard from a few people that the pay working as a video game programmer is not as good as the pay working at more conventional companies. Business database programmers, for example, could be earning more money. This could be true. However, choosing your profession is not just about the pay. You spend a large percentage of your life at your job. Money is not everything. Choosing something that you enjoy is important, too.

I thought the pay at the companies I have worked at was very reasonable. There is also a large potential upside from royalty checks coming from a game that sells well, which has sometimes turned out to be significant. You will definitely not be living as a pauper if you get a programmer job at a video game company.


I hope that this article has been helpful towards learning a little bit about working as a video game programmer. As with everything in life, there are pros and cons to this profession. If what you have read sounds good to you, I hope you find that dream job making the next great bestselling game.

How to Become a Proficient Programmer

Programming is one of the fastest growing professions around the world. With the advancement in technology, the demand of programmers is increasing every day. However, as more numbers of professionals are attracting towards this profession, the competition is also increasing at a fast pace. To become an expert programmer, you need to put a lot of hard work and effort.

Here are some tips that can be the first step in your journey of becoming a professional computer programmer.

  • Use Inline Comments: You may write large amount of code every day. If you see your code after a few days, it may be possible that you may find difficult to understand what it actually does. Therefore, placing inline comments can be useful to understand the purpose of your code. In addition, incline comments helps others to easily understand what you have written.
  • Use Descriptive Variable Names: Descriptive variable names make your code more readable and easy to understand. It helps you as well as others to understand the purpose of variables and their expected outcomes.
  • Dry Run Your Code: You should dry run all conditional and looping statements to ensure that you have applied the correct logic. To dry run, take a few blank sheets and a pencil, pass the value to conditional and looping statements and write their outcomes. It will help you to rectify errors and to apply the correct logic.
  • Use an IDE: For developing complex programs, use an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) instead of a simple text editor. An IDE generates around more half of the code by itself, therefore, reduces the overall development time. An IDE also helps you to debug, compile, run, and test your program in the simplest possible way. There are different IDEs available these days. Some of them are also free of cost. You can choose an IDE as per your requirements.
  • Test Your Code: To become a proficient programmer, it is important to test what you have created. You many say that testing is not your responsibility. However, to minimize the chances of errors, you should test the code by own. I recommend you to write code and to create unit tests at the same.

Initially, programming could be a difficult task for anyone. However, it is not as difficult as most of the people think. Programming is an art that can be learnt by putting continuous effort over the time. You just need to stay up and put your effort. With time and experience, you will become a proficient programmer by sure.